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What is Post-a-blur?

Posting-a-blur is the main function of the app Postablur. It was made for Content Creators & Influencers to get more engagement, by setting a Like goal OR earn more money, by setting a Dollar goal to help incrementally reveal post. For the 1st time ever on a social network your followers/supporters from Facebook & Twitter get to help reveal your post.

Content Creators & Influencers can…

  • Create a photo, audio, video, or text post,
  • Add a Title, Caption, Hashtag, or Location,
  • Set a Like or Dollar goal, (increments of 10),
  • Choose to Share their post on their FB/Twitter pages,
  • Choose to add a Charity to share a % of their post earning with,

and then POST-A-BLUR.

The post will show up on their Facebook or Twitter pages as a blurred image. Upon tapping the post, it will redirect to ask their followers to download and create a Postablur page. After they create a page it will take them directly to the post they tapped on via FB/Twitter.

Then after, they can view if the post has a Like or Dollar goal to reveal it and to see the Like or Dollar amount achieved and needed to reveal the post.

After they choose how they will engage with the post then they can also share the post to their Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage their audience to download the app, create and account, and engage with the same post to help it become revealed.

They best part about Postablur is you don’t have to POST-A-BLURRED post. But every post can be Liked or Donated too, regardless if there is a goal to reveal the post. All users on Postablur can withdraw whatever amount they earn the same day, minus the required minimum $ to withdraw.


For more info contact: 424-333-4501 or